Hey! What month is this?

I'm sitting here on the floor trying to force iTunes to sync music to my iPhone and perusing Google Reader in the meantime because seriously, let's face facts, iTunes is never going to come through for me, and I read that Mrs. Kennedy is going to post every weekday of 2012.

"Oh!" I thought to myself, iTunes whirring endlessly in the background like the Nutrimatic Drinks Dispenser trying to figure out tea, "Now that's a good idea."

And it is a very, very good idea. I doff my cap to you, Eden. Don't touch it, though, I haven't washed my hair since Friday.

I do genuinely miss this, being here. And I've gotten some sweet comments and emails over the last month or so encouraging me to be here more. So while I can't commit to every weekday, let's give "every once in a while" a shot.

I started working again a few months ago, something I'm actually NOT going to talk about because seriously, fool me EIGHTY THOUSAND TIMES. But I can tell you that this job involves a four-hour commute several days a week. So maybe I should just record myself talking alone in the car for four hours and post THAT. If nothing else, it'll put an end to the sweet comments and emails.